Resending emails

If a recipient has lost or deleted the original email notification sent by PleaseSign, you may use this feature to send them a new one.

This feature may also be useful as a way to remind recipients that have not yet signed a document.

How to resend an email to a recipient

  1. From your dashboard, open the document you would like to send a reminder email for.
  2. Scroll down to the recipients section and locate the recipient you would like to send a reminder email to.
  3. Click the actions button to reveal a menu, and click the Resend email button.

Note: A recipient must have the sent label next to them in order to be eligible to receive a reminder email.

Automatic reminders

Enabling automatic reminders for your account can assist in reducing the amount of time spent chasing recipients for documents that have not yet been completed.

When turned on, PleaseSign will automatically send reminder emails to recipients that have not yet completed a document at the interval in which you decide.

How to turn on automatic reminders

  1. Open your Business profile page from the sidebar, and scroll down to the Preferences section.
  2. Drag the slider under the Reminder interval heading to specify how often reminder emails should be sent.
  3. Drag the slider under the Maximum number of reminders to specify how many reminders should be sent to a recipient, before stopping.

In this example, a document sent by an account with the settings shown will have a reminder email sent 7 days after the initial email for a total of 3 weeks before stopping. Resulting in a total of 4 emails being sent to the recipient, including the first initial email which was not a reminder.

Audit log

Each time a reminder email is sent to a recipient, an event is recorded in the document audit log. This audit log can be used to identify how many emails have been sent at any given time.

Note: You may use the Resend email feature to send a manual reminder to a recipient at any time.

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Carbon copy recipients

Adding a carbon copy recipient to your document allows you to create a workflow, where a recipient only receives a copy of the document upon it’s completion.

A common example of where this feature comes in handy is when completing employee expense claim forms, where you may only want to notify your accounts department upon it’s completion

Carbon copy recipients are not required to approve documents before their completion, and if a document is voided at any time during it’s workflow, they will not receive a copy.

How to add a carbon copy recipient

  1. Enter the first name, last name and email address of your documents recipients.
  2. Next to the recipient you want to receive a copy, select the Receives a copy action.

Viewing your carbon copies

After your document has been created, you can view your carbon copy recipients from your document information page.

In this example below you can see that Marshall Eriksen is a carbon copy recipient because he has the Receives a copy badge next to his name.

Carbon copy recipients will only be sent a copy of the signed and sealed document upon it’s completion.

If a document is voided at any time during it’s workflow, they will not receive a copy.

Sending a document

Sending a document for digital signature is quick and easy. Simply upload the documents you want signed, add the contact information for the people that you need to sign the document, and then indicate where the signatures are required on the documents.

How to send a document video

We’ve put together a short two minute video on how to send your first document:

Basic overview

The basic steps for sending a document are as follows:

  • Open the Send document page by clicking Send document from the sidebar after logging in to your PleaseSign account.
  • Add your documents by clicking Browse and selecting a file from your computer, or by dragging a file straight from your desktop to the window.
  • Add your recipients by entering their first name, last name and email address.
  • Indicate where you require a signature by dragging a signature field from the toolbar.
  • Give your document a name and click Send.

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