How electronic signatures can help HR professionals

Onboarding new employees can be a nightmare due to the sheer volume of paperwork involved, the number of documents requiring signatures, and the levels of compliance necessary in completing each and every task during this process all contribute to a slow an inefficient workflow. It doesn’t end there though, during the entire employment tenure documents and processes are amended and the paperwork chase starts all over again.


We took a sample from over 1,000 HR professionals using PleaseSign and found that over 70% were previously storing all employee records and documentation in paper files. Paperwork is a bottleneck for HR professionals and presents many challenges in moving to more streamlined processes and boosting department productivity.


Faster onboarding

Electronic signatures provides a streamlined approach to getting your letters of offer and employment contracts signed by your manager and potential employee, quicker and in a more convenient manner. Documents can be electronically filled in and signed from any device, and returned to your department before the employee begins on their first day.


Improved accuracy and compliance

Paper based documents and workflows are prone to errors and inconsistencies. While most mistakes are minor and can be amended easily, some can prove to be detrimental to a business that needs to stay compliant with governing laws. By adopting electronic signatures these errors and inconsistencies can be kept to a minimum.


A positive experience

First impressions last and your employees first impression is going to be their onboarding process. By providing a simple and convenient way for documentation to be completed prior to employment commencing, your employees first days at a new job can be spent getting to know your team rather than being buried in paperwork.

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