When you create a new document folder or template folder you can assign an access group to them. This will allow the users in that group access to any templates or documents placed into those folders. By default, your account will be created with 2 folders, one for documents and one for templates.

If you are unsure on how access groups work, you can learn more here.

Creating folders and assigning access

  1. Click the + next to ‘Folders’ or ‘Templates’ to open the create folder window
  2. Enter your preferred name for the folder.
  3. Click  please select dropdown box and select the group you want to grant access to.
  4. Below it will show the users that will have access to the folder
  5. Click create, and that folder along with anything stored in it, will now be accessible to all members in that access group.

While you’re able to edit a folder and its permissions at anytime, you may only delete a folder if there are no documents or templates currently stored there.