If you by mistake send the wrong document, are missing something or didn’t fill out the fields correctly you may want to void the document. When you void a document you’ve sent, it will immediately become incompletable, unviewable and the action is irreversible.

How void a document

  1. From your sent dashboard, open the document you wish to void.
  2. Next to the status tag you’ll see Void document which is clickable text, click this.

  1. A window will open warning you you’re about to void a document.
  2. Provide a reason for voiding the document for your own records.
  3. Click confirm to void the document.

You will only receive an email notification if a document you sent for signing is declined by the recipient. If you void your own sent document you won’t receive a notification unless you have email notifications set up to do so, you can learn more about that here.