Court-admissible Audit Logs

Effective 17/08/2023


PleaseSign's court-admissible and tamper-evident Certificate of Authenticity contains a comprehensive audit trail that lists every action that occurred on a document with a verifiable time-stamp to provide defensible proof of access, review, and signature.

Signatures and other information collected from recipients through the PleaseSign service are cryptographically bound to a document through the audit trail.

This non-editable audit trail contains a globally unique identifier, that can be used to look up a record in our database that shows all parties involved in the document and their signatures. These records include an encrypted hash of the PDF document which can be used to compare to the encrypted hash of a provided document to determine whether or not it has been modified since the time of its completion.

Our hashing algorithm verifies that documents have not been modified since the time of their completion, and our world-class PKI digital certificate technology secures documents, signatures, and other recorded information with a tamper-evident seal.

Some of the events and information recorded in the audit trail are as follows:

    • Full name and email address of all parties involved.
    • Digital signatures, when applicable.
    • Party authentication method.
    • Public IP addresses.
    • Device and operating system information.
    • Chain of custody for events (sent, opened, signed, etc.)