Acceptable Use and Cancellation Policy

Effective 09/11/2023

We encourage customers to make full use of the PleaseSign Service to send and sign documents electronically. From time to time PleaseSign may allow customers to exceed the usage parameters outlined in their Service Level Agreement (SLA). PleaseSign reserves the right to stop or prevent any use of the PleaseSign Service for violations to the terms outlined in this Acceptable Use and Cancellation Policy.

In connection with the use of any PleaseSign Service, you must not:

  • Communicate in any way shape or form, abusive messages, defamatory, false or misleading statements, hate speech or messages that threaten or incite violence.
  • Impersonate another individual, company or entity, misrepresent your affiliation with another individual, company or entity, or hide or attempt to hide your identity.
  • Interfere in any way, shape or form with the normal functioning and operation of the Service.
  • Replicate, copy, reconstruct or otherwise, any feature, component or intellectual property of PleaseSign, its services, ideas, branding, colours and any other property or assets
  • Decrypt or decipher transmissions, circumvent authentication measures or otherwise attempt to compromise the security of the Service.
  • Attempt to prove or test the vulnerability of any part of the Service without proper authorisation.
  • Use the Service or any others of the Service that would be in violation of any applicable laws, including privacy laws in applicable jurisdictions.
  • Upload, use or transmit any content, data or materials that violate applicable laws or regulations.

Any contravention or violation of this policy may result in legal proceedings being brought against individuals and or companies to the full extent of the law.

PleaseSign may in its sole discretion at any time, terminate access to the Service for violations of the terms outlined in this Acceptable Use and Cancellation Policy. Terms not defined in this Acceptable Use and Cancellation Policy will be outlined and agreed to in the applicable service level agreements (SLA) between you and PleaseSign.

Furthermore, in the event that the subscriber cancels during their subscription period for any reason, as per their Service Level Agreement (SLA) the client shall be liable for the remainder of all fees and charges subscribed to as per the SLA.

Document resource limits

PleaseSign has the following limitations set on documents used within the Service:

  • Files uploaded to a document can not exceed 20mb in size.
  • There is no limit on the number of documents you can send to a recipient in any one instance, however it must not exceed 200 page limit.
  • The total number of pages allowed for a single document can not exceed 200. There is the ability to option up to 400 pages at a rate of $3.65AUD per instance on request to
  • There is a limit of 20 recipients allowed to be created for a single document*.
  • *This limit does not apply to the bulk send feature which has unlimited recipients available.




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