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  • SOC 2 AICPA attestation for security confidence

  • Proudly Australian Made and Owned

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Documents are electronically signed in minutes, not days saving you time and increasing efficiency.


From small businesses and entreprenuers to large business that needs to collaborate  - PleaseSign will work for you.

Cloud Hosted

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, you'll be given the tools necessary to securely manage all of your documents in the cloud.

Local Support 24/7

Our friendly on shore Australian support team is here to help every day of the week. Feel free to get in touch and let us know how we can help.

How it works

PleaseSign is super simple and easy to use. 
You can even sign up for a free trial and use all premium features for 30 days.


Step One
Upload your documents

Simply press the send document button to upload your PDF document directly from your computer or cloud storage account.

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Step Two
Add your recipients

Select the recipient(s) from smart name list or the address book, have them attach VOI and other sensetive information using a secured environment, even send a signing link or request 2FA authentication

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Step Three
Place fields and send

Drag and drop provided tabs such as name, signature, witness, date, text boxes, plus more and send for signing.


Step Four
Track Progress

With our unique document tracking system you always know the status of who has opened, viewed, and signed and set reminders an receive an email response upon completion.

Documents electronically signed in minutes! Not days.

Try all our premium features for 30 days with no obligation.
Once your 30-day trial is finished you can choose to stay on the free version with limited features
or sign up for one of our low monthly plans to keep using our premium features.

Try all premium features for free for 30 days

Were so sure you'll love Australia's PleaseSign so much that you can try all of our premium features for 30 days free, no cc required.

  • 30 days of Premium Features for free

    Try all of our premium features free for 30 days. After your trial expires, you will automatically be subscribed to our Free Forever plan.  If you wish to keep using the premium features you just need to sign up to one of low monthly plans.

  • No credit card required

    Unlike other providers, our Free Forever plan does not require you to enter your credit card details to get started. 

    We do this because we really want you to try us out without feeling any pressure or feeling locked in.

  • Free Plan Document Access forever

    Once your premium trial finishes you can then choose to sign up on one of our easy monthly user plans to suit your business requirements or stay on the Free For a Year plan with limited features but still access your documents forever.


Try our premium features for 30 days
We believe you will love Please Sign so much that you can try us first, without being locked in.

Here is what you get in our free trial.

10 documents

Address book

Saved signatures

Document folders

All your setup is saved and carries over at subscription point.

Client Feedback

Lou Lombardo Golf Genius Software

Lou Lombardo Golf Genius Software

"We have been using PleaseSign since 2019 to help create and facilitate customer contract signatures for our global sales organisation.  PleaseSign has been a great partner. The product is easy to use and the support has been terrific"

Neville Fry Total Office Systems & Solitions

Neville Fry Total Office Systems & Solitions

"PleaseSign has transformed how my business documentation operates. I am no longer chasing customers up for signed orders, or having to go back to customers to fix documents for missing signatures or initials. Everything is easily trackable and auditable, and with 2 Factor Authentication in place, I know that it is actually my customer signing these documents. Electronically sending my documents in a secure document chain has also saved me hundreds of dollars a month in printing costs"

Alfred Slogrove CEO Work Skills

Alfred Slogrove CEO Work Skills

"PleaseSign makes a world of difference to our efficiencies and expense control. Our ability  to now manage, track, and send reminders automatically has made a measurable difference to our operations both financially and professionally. As a Registered Training Organisation, we required a solution that can process thousands of signature requests monthly and integrate with our bespoke digital resources. PleaseSign easily does both and this provides peace of mind in a business such as ours. We have found the application super easy for obtaining signatures from multiple clients and the price and value are by far the best we could find.."

Premium Features

  • Audit trail

    Every document has a comprehensive court-admissible audit log containing information about each recipient.

  • User management

    Create an account for everyone in your organisation on our Enterprise Plan so everyone no matter their location can send docs for signing.

  • Document templates

    Set up templates for the documents you frequently use and pre-fill them with custom text for a one-click send.

  • Customise emails and communications to your customers by adding your business logo and colours.

Signing a contract-pana

Streamline Your Processes and Save Time

  • Business notifications

    Request your recipients to attach secure documentation such as drivers license, other VOI and sensitive information in a secure encrypted environment.

  • In-person signing

    Enable your customers to sign documents directly from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

  • Bulk sending

    Create a CSV file and send your document template to multiple recipients all at once. Easy step by step instructions. We even have a CSV template you can use.

  • Ordered signing

    Create a custom workflow by controlling the order in which recipients are sent a document to sign.

Secure and Accessible from Anywhere, Anytime

  • Progress tracker

    Check the status of your documents at any time and see exactly where each of your recipients are at.

  • Request additional documentation

    Have recipients attach sensitive documents to the signing session, such as Drivers license, other forms of identification, bank statements and the like.

  • Recipient authentication

    Secure sensitive documents by implementing two-factor authentication for your recipients.

  • No installations

    Signing documents can be done from any device, using any modern web browser.

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Court-admissible documents

PleaseSign is compliant with all national and international e-signature laws.
In Australia the following state laws are applicable:

  • Electronic Transactions Act 1999
  • New South Wales: Electronic Transactions Act 2000
  • Victoria: Electronic Transactions Act 2000
  • Queensland: Electronic Transactions Act 2001
  • Northern Territory: Electronic Transactions Act 2001
  • Western Australia: Electronic Transactions Act 2011
  • Southern Australia: Electronic Transactions Act 2000
  • Northern Territory: Electronic Transactions Act 2001
  • Australian Capital Territory: Electronic Transactions Act 2001
  • Tasmanian: Electronic Transactions Act 2000