Bug Fixes

Public API: MFA fields consistency issue

We've received a report from a client that the SMS Multi Factor Authentication was not working correctly. Upon checking we found and fixed an error with the MFA documentation and code.  The client reported success with the fix.

23 Oct 23 - PleaseSign

Print one line at least when the tab is small

For clients with old templates, who could create templates with a font size larger than the tab height, now we print at least one line worth of content on an input tab.

04 Oct 23 PleaseSign


Add contacts from people that will only receive a copy when a document is sent

When you send a document with recipients that only receive a copy, the system now includes them as contacts and adds them to your address book.

04 Oct 23 PleaseSign

Empty locked tab yielding an error

Tabs that were locked and did not have a value yielded an error. This error has been fixed.

05 Jun 23 - PleaseSign