Effective 01 July 2019

Business accounts (Organisations) created within the PleaseSign Service allow for individuals and teams to collaborate on the documents your Organisation sends.

The most essential feature within the PleaseSign Service is your ability to control, and report on the access granted to the documents sent by your Organisation, and to securely send documents to the intended recipients.

Control access

The administrator role within an Organisation has full access to all documents sent by all users of that Organisation. New roles can be configured at the discretion of an Administrator in the form of Access groups (Groups). These Groups are then selectable when configuring access to a collection of documents (Folders).

A user of an Organisation can be added to a Group by an administrator, which inherits a set of permissions granting that user access to Folders.

Two-factor signer authentication

When sending a document for signature, you can opt to use additional authentication measures such as a recipient-specific access code. You can set this code to something only the intended recipient would know such as their date of birth, or you can choose to set a random access code and transmit the code to the recipient by means other than email.




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