Mastering the art of digitally signed documents

PleaseSign: Mastering the Art of Digitally Signed Documents

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the evolution from traditional pen-and-paper signatures to digitally signed documents marks a significant technological leap. This transformative journey, comprising the transition from pen-and-paper to digitised and finally to secure digital signatures, exemplifies the progressive steps taken towards modern document management. PleaseSign, an innovative Australian application, is at the vanguard of this transformation, offering a complete, user-friendly solution that navigates users through each stage, ensuring convenience, customization, and legal compliance.

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1. Beginning with Pen-and-Paper

The historical practice of signing documents began with the pen-and-paper method. This traditional approach, while familiar and straightforward, is not without its challenges. Issues such as the need for physical presence, paper consumption, and risks of document loss, tampering, or damage highlight the inefficiencies of this method, paving the way for the need for digitally signed documents.

2. Transition to Digitised Signatures

As technology advanced, the shift to digitised signatures emerged as a significant stride towards modernising the signing process. Digitised signatures represent a move from the physical to the digital realm, providing increased convenience and eliminating the need for paper-based documents. However, despite these advancements, digitised signatures initially lacked the sophisticated security features necessary for today’s digital world, thus leading to the next evolutionary step – secure digitally signed documents.

3. Advancing to Secure Digital Signatures

The pinnacle of this evolution is the transition to secure digital signatures. In this stage, PleaseSign plays a crucial role by converting digitised signatures into secure, encrypted digital signatures. This process involves the implementation of bank-grade encryption technologies, which protect your signature from unauthorised access and tampering, ensuring the digitally signed documents remain secure and legally binding indefinitely.

Customising Your Digitally Signed Documents with PleaseSign

PleaseSign provides users with multiple options for creating their digital signature, catering to individual preferences and security requirements:

  • Draw Your Signature: Adopt the traditional method by drawing your signature on a digital device, adding a personal touch to your digitally signed documents.
  • Choose a Signature Font: For a consistent and stylish appearance, select from a range of signature fonts, a popular choice among users of digitally signed document.
  • Upload an Existing Digitised Signature: Enhance your current digitised signature with PleaseSign robust digital encryption, ensuring maximum security for your digitally signed documents.

Advantages of Digitally Signed Documents with PleaseSign

The use of PleaseSign for creating digitally signed documents offers several key benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: PleaseSign advanced encryption technology guarantees the highest level of security for your digitally signed document.
  • Legal Compliance: All digitally signed documents processed through PleaseSign adhere to the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (“ETA”) and the Electronic Transactions Regulations 2020 (“ETR”), ensuring they are legally binding.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: The ability to sign documents digitally, from any location and on any device, adds unparalleled convenience to document management.
  • Environmental and Economic Benefits: The adoption of a digitally signed document significantly reduces paper waste and associated costs, supporting both environmental sustainability and budgetary savings.
  • Seamless Integration: PleaseSign effortlessly integrates with a variety of business tools via API, enhancing your digital workflow without disrupting existing processes.
  • Client Satisfaction: The efficiency and security provided by PleaseSign digitally signed documents significantly improve client experiences and streamline business transactions.


Embracing PleaseSign for your document workflow is not just about adopting a digital solution; it’s about participating in the evolutionary journey from traditional signatures to secure digitally signed documents. This journey, marked by enhanced security, convenience, and legal compliance, highlights the importance of digitally signed documents in today’s digital age. Whether you’re drawing your signature, choosing a font, or uploading an existing signature, PleaseSign offers a comprehensive solution for all your digital signature needs, making digitally signed documents more accessible and secure than ever before.