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A Comprehensive Guide for Recipients of Signature Requests to Generate Signatures with PleaseSign

In an era where efficiency and security are paramount, digitally generated signatures have become crucial in modern business operations. PleaseSign, Australia’s innovator in digital signature technology, is at the forefront, offering a streamlined and intuitive process for recipients. This blog guide meticulously outlines the entire process, from receiving a document to finalising a signature, including the potential need to attach additional documents to complete the signing request fully. To enhance your understanding and user experience further, we’ve also created a short, informative video that complements this article. Watching this video will provide you with a clearer, more comprehensive understanding of the process, ensuring you adhere to the best practices for secure and efficient digital transactions. #GenerateSignature

Watch out how-to clip HERE – How to Complete a Document Signature as a Recipient with PleaseSign.

Step 1: Receiving the Document

Your engagement with PleaseSign commences when you receive a notification, via email or SMS, or both, alerting you to a document that necessitates your input and generate signature. This notification includes a secure link that bypasses the need for account creation, leading you directly to the document. This efficiency is particularly advantageous for those who prioritise a straightforward and expedient document signing process.

Step 2: Reviewing the Document

Upon accessing the document through the secure link and as you would with any document, a thorough review is essential. This step is crucial to ensure you are fully aware of the document’s contents, the commitments or agreements you are about to sign, as well as any information you may need to input. PleaseSign’s user-friendly interface facilitates this detailed review, allowing for easy navigation of the document without technical challenges and if need be, download the document itself before completing

Step 3: Initiating the Signing Process

Ready to proceed after reviewing the document? PleaseSign clearly identifies where your input, information, initials, or signature is required, both optionally and where input is enforced. This clarity is crucial, particularly for documents that demand multiple signatures or are complex, ensuring all required fields are correctly completed.

Step 4: Generate Signature

PleaseSign accommodates various ways to generate signatures and then adopting them, offering a flexible and personalised signing experience:

  • Type Your Name: Typing your name and selecting a font creates a professional digital signature efficiently.
  • Draw Your Signature: For a more personal touch, PleaseSign enables you to draw your signature on different devices, reflecting your unique style.
  • Upload a Signature Image: For those desiring to accurately replicate their handwritten signature digitally, uploading a scanned image of your signature is the perfect solution.

Step 5: Applying Your Signature

In keeping with PleaseSign’s commitment to simplicity, your generate signature is automatically placed in the designated location specified by the document sender. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments, further simplifying the process and reducing the potential for errors. PleaseSign also identifies you have created a signature and places that signature on all tabs requiring a signature by simply clicking on the signature tab.

Step 6: Attaching Additional Documents

On occasion, fulfilling a signing request may necessitate the attachment of additional documents, such as VOI, bank statements and the like. PleaseSign addresses this need by providing an option to attach documents during the signing process. This feature ensures that all necessary documentation is compiled in one secure, encrypted location, streamlining the completion of the signing request. 

This upload request can be completed simply by clicking on the “Attach Files” button. You are then able to, with a few clicks (or taps if using a mobile device), complete the process easily. *Note if completing on a mobile device you are also offered the option to simply use your camera to add any documents etc.

Step 7: Completing the Signing Session

To finalise the signing process, simply click the “click to finish” button after applying your signature and attaching any required documents.

This securely submits the signed document (and any attachments) back to the sender, marking your completion. Additionally any documents you attach are only viewable by you as the recipient that added them and the party that requested them. Other participants in the signing session cannot view anothers attached documents at any time.

Both parties (sender and recipients) then receive a copy of the completed signed document ensuring a transparent and secure transaction. You may receive the completed copy via an attachment if the sender has enabled this function otherwise you will be able to download it using the “Download document” button.

Seeking Further Information

Understanding every aspect of the document you’re signing is crucial. If you have any questions or require additional clarification, it’s advised to contact the sender directly. This ensures any uncertainties are promptly addressed, allowing you to sign the document with complete confidence.

The Importance of Digital Signatures

Digital signatures offer a secure, legally binding method for signing documents, unmatched in convenience and efficiency by traditional paper-based processes. With PleaseSign the benefits of digital signing, such as reduced paperwork, faster transactions, enhanced security, increased customer satisfaction, not to mention expense reductions are accessible to businesses and individuals alike. This is particularly advantageous in the global market, facilitating transactions across various time zones and regions.


PleaseSign’s encrypted digital document signing process is a testament to the advancements in making digital transactions more accessible, secure, economical and efficient. For recipients, PleaseSign’s user-friendly platform, from document receipt to final signature (and potential document attachment), highlights a commitment to improving the user experience while maintaining stringent security and legal standards. By following this guide, recipients can navigate the digital signing process with ease, leading to a smoother, trackable, and more productive digital workflow.