how to sign a document digitally

Learn How To Sign A Document Digitally And Enhance Productivity In Your Business

The ability to sign documents digitally has become a crucial skill in streamlining business operations and personal transactions. This detailed guide will explore the concept of digital signatures, focusing on how to sign a document digitally, particularly with the help of platforms like PleaseSign, which are reshaping document management by offering convenience, enhanced security, and improved efficiency.

Understanding Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are the electronic equivalent of traditional ink signatures, but with added layers of security and validation. They are used to authenticate the identity of the sender of a message or the signer of a document, ensuring that the original content of the document hasn’t been altered after it was signed.

The Evolution of Digital Signatures

Transitioning from pen-and-paper to digital signatures marks a notable progression in the realm of technology. This evolution is not just a trend but a necessary step towards more efficient, secure, and legally compliant document management in today’s digital landscape.

Step-by-Step Process of how to sign a document Digitally

  1. Selecting a Digital Signature Platform: Choose a platform like PleaseSign, known for its user-friendly and secure services.
  2. Uploading Documents: PleaseSign supports multiple formats, with a particular emphasis on PDFs for better compatibility and document integrity.
  3. Adding Recipients: If the document requires multiple signatures, you can easily add other signatories’ email addresses.
  4. Placing Your Signature: Use the platform to drag and drop your signature onto the document, or create a new one.
  5. Sending and Tracking: Keep track of the document’s signing process with real-time updates.
  6. Storing and Managing Documents: Securely store your signed documents on PleaseSign for easy future access.

Advanced Security Features of PleaseSign

PleaseSign enhances the security of digital signatures with features such as SMS signing links, unique security codes, two-factor authentication (2FA), and end-to-end encryption.

Sector-Specific Applications of Digital Signatures

  • Healthcare: Digital signatures in healthcare improve confidentiality in patient records. For example, a healthcare provider can digitally sign and securely exchange sensitive patient consent forms or medical records.
  • Real Estate: Real estate transactions benefit from the speed digital signatures offer. Real estate agents use PleaseSign to digitally sign and send lease agreements or sales contracts to clients, thus expediting property transactions.
  • Education: In education, digital signatures simplify enrolment processes and academic records management. Educational institutions adopt PleaseSign for signing and managing student enrolment forms, consent documents, and staff contracts.
  • Government: Government agencies leverage digital signatures for secure document handling, such as signing internal documents, policy updates, and public service agreements. This ensures a higher level of efficiency and security in public sector operations.
  • Legal Sector: Law firms and legal departments use digital signatures for handling sensitive documents such as client agreements and legal documents, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of legal proceedings.
  • Finance: The finance sector utilises digital signatures for seamless banking operations, including loan applications and account openings. Banks and financial institutions benefit from the enhanced security and efficiency digital signatures provide.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing companies use digital signatures to expedite the approval of design documents and contracts, thereby improving production timelines and product development processes.
  • Retail and E-commerce: In retail, digital signatures streamline vendor agreements, purchase orders, and customer transactions, making the supply chain and sales processes more efficient.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers appreciate PleaseSign for its user-friendly interface, cost-effectiveness, and efficient customer service.  Read our Google reviews here.

Evan Donnelly
Evan Donnelly
I was having difficulty figuring out how to share a template I created with other staff. I called the company and before I could leave a voicemail I had another incoming call which helped me sort out the problem. It was one of the fastest issues I've had sorted out using online services. The help provided was very professional, friendly and useful.
Robin Drury
Robin Drury
We were so pleased to not only find a system that is easy to use but, it works well for our budget and, for us in Brisbane, it is great to use a local Brissie Business too. The guys seem to be genuinely interested in helping us out and, although I imagine we would be one of their smaller clients by volume, it is just a perfect fit for us. We also have a few more ideas on how we can use the system in future to help our clients with legal paperwork. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a better alternative to DocuSign or Adobe Sign (the service I was using). Thanks Guys, R
Great Company and Great People with great service....We have been using PleaseSign for a long while now - the product is simple and very easy to use and very cost effective - we love it - try it and you will see what we won't be dissappointed. Louie Apostolovski Managing Director - itravel
Reid Family
Reid Family
We had a smooth transition from DocuSign to PleaseSign as we searched for a more budget-friendly alternative. Jamie provided exceptional support, guiding us through a clear demo, trial period, and pricing discussions. The team has found PleaseSign easy to use. I highly recommend PleaseSign to anyone in need of a signing platform; it's a great product with excellent customer service.
David Travers
David Travers
Jamie and PleaseSign where really proactive and helpful in resolving my account inquiry and exceeded my expectations.
Neville Fry
Neville Fry
PleaseSign has transformed how my business documentation operates. I am no longer chasing customers up for signed orders, or having to go back to customers to fix documents for missing signatures or initials. Everything is easily trackable and auditable, and with 2 Factor Authentication in place, I know that it is actually my customer signing these documents. Electronically sending my documents in a secure document chain has also saved me hundreds of dollars a month in printing costs. My thanks to the PleaseSign team for all your help.
James Schulze
James Schulze
We recently switched from DocuSign to Please Sign and the process was surprisingly simple and easy. Despite being with DocuSign for years, we were in search of a more cost-effective solution and Please Sign met our needs perfectly. From the initial engagement, Jamie and the team at Please Sign were outstanding, guiding us through a straightforward demo, trial, and pricing discussions. Facing an imminent expiration of our DocuSign subscription, we had to act quickly, and Please Sign impressively onboarded our 35 users, getting us operational within just 48 hours. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed the system's simplicity and ease of use, leading to significant cost savings and time efficiencies for us. Our clients, too, have had excellent experiences with signing documents through Please Sign. I highly recommend Please Sign for anyone looking to move away from Docusign or other expensive services!!!
Stephen Brake
Stephen Brake
PleaseSign has some awesome features others don't in this space and I'm happy to recommend them to any small business needing electronic signing services.

Legal Compliance of Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are legally binding in many jurisdictions and are recognised under various laws globally, ensuring that digitally signed documents are as legitimate as their paper counterparts.  Learn more about the legalities of digital signatures here.


Learning how to sign a document digitally, particularly through platforms like PleaseSign, is a strategic step towards modernising document management. It offers numerous advantages, including enhanced security, increased efficiency, and compliance with legal standards. Whether for business or personal use, understanding and utilising digital signatures is crucial in today’s digital-first world.

Experience the future of how to sign a document digitally with PleaseSign, and discover the myriad benefits digital signatures bring to various sectors and industries.

To discuss how PleaseSign will benefit your business speak to one of our Australian based support team members.