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Why Choosing Local Matters: The Cost and Security Benefits of PleaseSign

In today’s globalised market, businesses often look overseas for solutions that seem cost-effective at first glance. However, when it comes to digital signatures and document management, choosing a local provider like PleaseSign offers substantial benefits that extend beyond just the initial quote.

Recently, a client from the sales industry reached out to us after receiving a quote from an International provider. Their initial attraction to the overseas quote was its seemingly lower cost. However, a deeper look revealed a different story.

The Hidden Costs of International Quotes

The first shock came when the client realised that the quote was provided in USD. Given the current exchange rates, the initial “lower” cost quickly ballooned, making it much more expensive than anticipated. Currency fluctuations added another layer of financial uncertainty, making budgeting a challenge. Many businesses overlook these hidden costs when considering international providers, focusing solely on the headline figures without accounting for the financial intricacies involved in currency conversion.

Moreover, there were additional fees and charges not included in the initial quote. For instance, international transaction fees, cross-border taxes, and hidden service charges can significantly inflate the cost. The final price tag was substantially higher than expected, and it became clear that what seemed like a bargain was, in fact, a costly mistake.

A Comparative Analysis: PleaseSign vs. International Provider

Here’s a breakdown of the cost comparison between PleaseSign and the international provider:

FeaturePleaseSign Enterprise PlanInternational Provider
Plan TypeEnterprise PlanEnterprise Plan
Cost$4,470 AUD$13,000 USD (Approx $21,030 AUD)
CurrencyCharged in AUDCharged in USD
ChargedPer SendPer Seat and Per User or Guest.  
Extra Charges For API Access
API FeeNo Extra FeesAPI Access Fees
Number of UsersUnlimited30
Extra UsersNo Extra ChargeCharged Per User or Guest

By choosing PleaseSign, the client saved over 78% compared to the international provider. The international provider’s higher costs were not just limited to their base price but were compounded by additional charges per user and for API access, making their solution significantly more expensive overall.

Data Security and Compliance: Local Matters

Another critical concern was data storage. The international provider planned to store all data offshore, raising significant red flags. In Australia, strict data protection regulations require sensitive information to be stored sovereignly and securely, and in compliance with local laws. Offshore data storage posed a risk of non-compliance, which could lead to severe penalties and damage to their reputation. Data breaches and non-compliance with local regulations can result in hefty fines and a loss of customer trust, which is invaluable.

At PleaseSign, we understand the importance of data security and compliance. By choosing PleaseSign, the client ensured that their data would be stored locally within Australia on ISO-certified servers. This not only guaranteed compliance with Australian data protection regulations but also provided peace of mind knowing that their sensitive information was secure. Local data storage can also mean faster access times and better performance, as data does not need to travel internationally.

The PleaseSign Advantage

At PleaseSign, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive, cost-effective solution tailored to the needs of Australian businesses with medium to large sending requirements. Here’s why choosing PleaseSign makes a difference:

  1. Cost Savings: Our pricing is ultra competitive and quoted in AUD, eliminating the uncertainties of currency fluctuations and additional fees. This straightforward pricing model ensures businesses can budget accurately without worrying about unexpected costs.
  2. Data Security: We store all data sovereignly on ISO-certified servers in Australia, ensuring compliance with Australian regulations and providing bank grade security. Our commitment to data security means we continually update and audit our systems to protect against the latest threats.
  3. Local Support: Our dedicated support team is based in Australia, ready to assist with any issues quickly and efficiently. Unlike international providers, our local presence means we understand the unique challenges Australian businesses face and can offer tailored support.

Customisation and Flexibility

In addition to these key benefits, PleaseSign offers a high level of customisation and flexibility. We understand that no two businesses are the same, and our solutions are designed to be adaptable to meet specific industry needs. Whether you need customised workflows, branding, or integrations with existing systems, PleaseSign can tailor our services to fit your requirements perfectly. Oh, and at no extra cost!

The Client’s Decision Process

For our client in the sales industry, which required between 20 and 30 users based on their operational demands, the decision to switch to PleaseSign was ultimately driven by the need for reliability and compliance. Initially drawn to the lower costs quoted by the international provider, they quickly realised that these savings were superficial once hidden costs and compliance risks were considered.

The client’s main concerns revolved around ensuring their data was securely stored within Australia and having reliable support readily available. These concerns were paramount in their decision-making process. The peace of mind that comes with knowing their data is stored on ISO-certified servers in Australia and the availability of local support played a significant role in choosing PleaseSign.

Evan Donnelly
Evan Donnelly
I was having difficulty figuring out how to share a template I created with other staff. I called the company and before I could leave a voicemail I had another incoming call which helped me sort out the problem. It was one of the fastest issues I've had sorted out using online services. The help provided was very professional, friendly and useful.
Robin Drury
Robin Drury
We were so pleased to not only find a system that is easy to use but, it works well for our budget and, for us in Brisbane, it is great to use a local Brissie Business too. The guys seem to be genuinely interested in helping us out and, although I imagine we would be one of their smaller clients by volume, it is just a perfect fit for us. We also have a few more ideas on how we can use the system in future to help our clients with legal paperwork. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a better alternative to DocuSign or Adobe Sign (the service I was using). Thanks Guys, R
Great Company and Great People with great service....We have been using PleaseSign for a long while now - the product is simple and very easy to use and very cost effective - we love it - try it and you will see what we won't be dissappointed. Louie Apostolovski Managing Director - itravel
Reid Family
Reid Family
We had a smooth transition from DocuSign to PleaseSign as we searched for a more budget-friendly alternative. Jamie provided exceptional support, guiding us through a clear demo, trial period, and pricing discussions. The team has found PleaseSign easy to use. I highly recommend PleaseSign to anyone in need of a signing platform; it's a great product with excellent customer service.
David Travers
David Travers
Jamie and PleaseSign where really proactive and helpful in resolving my account inquiry and exceeded my expectations.
Neville Fry
Neville Fry
PleaseSign has transformed how my business documentation operates. I am no longer chasing customers up for signed orders, or having to go back to customers to fix documents for missing signatures or initials. Everything is easily trackable and auditable, and with 2 Factor Authentication in place, I know that it is actually my customer signing these documents. Electronically sending my documents in a secure document chain has also saved me hundreds of dollars a month in printing costs. My thanks to the PleaseSign team for all your help.
James Schulze
James Schulze
We recently switched from DocuSign to Please Sign and the process was surprisingly simple and easy. Despite being with DocuSign for years, we were in search of a more cost-effective solution and Please Sign met our needs perfectly. From the initial engagement, Jamie and the team at Please Sign were outstanding, guiding us through a straightforward demo, trial, and pricing discussions. Facing an imminent expiration of our DocuSign subscription, we had to act quickly, and Please Sign impressively onboarded our 35 users, getting us operational within just 48 hours. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed the system's simplicity and ease of use, leading to significant cost savings and time efficiencies for us. Our clients, too, have had excellent experiences with signing documents through Please Sign. I highly recommend Please Sign for anyone looking to move away from Docusign or other expensive services!!!
Stephen Brake
Stephen Brake
PleaseSign has some awesome features others don't in this space and I'm happy to recommend them to any small business needing electronic signing services.

Make the Smart Choice with PleaseSign

Choosing PleaseSign not only saves you money but also ensures your data is secure and compliant with local regulations. Our transparent pricing, which is quoted in AUD, eliminates the uncertainties of currency fluctuations and additional fees. With data stored locally on ISO-certified servers in Australia, you can have peace of mind knowing your sensitive information is protected and compliant with Australian data protection laws. Our dedicated local support team is always ready to assist, ensuring you receive timely and effective help tailored to the unique challenges faced by Australian businesses.

When it comes to digital signatures and document management, the benefits of choosing PleaseSign are clear. Our competitive pricing, robust data security, and exceptional local support make us the smart choice for your business needs.

Ready to make the switch? Get started today for free with our 30-day free trial or 10 free sends. 

Make the Smart Choice with PleaseSignMake the Smart Choice with PleaseSign

Experience Australia’s PleaseSign advantage and discover how we can benefit your business and your customers’ experiences with it.